Who is your inspiration?

Jared Isham

As a director I like to study the directing style of people I admire. I try to be inspired by them in order to develop my own style and do my best not to copy them (all part of the process I suppose). I would love to know what are other peoples favorite directors.

Here are some of mine:
Paul Greengrass
Peter Weir
Guy Ritchie
Frank Darabont
Quentin Tarantino (I know cliche, but I do like his work)
Robert Rodriguez (I know he often doesn't make the greatest movies but I love his approach and enthusiasm so he makes my list)

Kim Welch

Senior Member
I am inspired by Clint Eastwood. Part of what inspires me is that he is so old and still making movies and I really liked the million dollar baby.

Jared Isham

Clint Eastwood is great. Got to see him in action once. Extremely efficient and he appears to communicate very well. One or two takes and then moves on...then nominated for awards.

Adding him to my list.