Which Software for 24p to DVD?


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Hi, I have newly bought a Canon XL2 and I will shoot in 24p, documentary movie, about our adventure flying around the world with a small airplane.

We can only take the minimum with us, that means we just have our laptop (Intel Duo 1.66GHz, 2 GB RAM memory, hardisk 500 GB) to do the editing during our journey .

We will show parts of the movie during our journey on a screen with our laptop and a beamer.
Further on we will make DVD's ( is it possible and what about NTSC and PAL?):confused:
What if we want to sell this movie for TV in USA and Europe?

For this purpose what is the best editing software??
Thank you very much for the help.


Final Cut Studio 2009, hands down.
Why shoot 24p? A Letus lens adapter with some 35mm glass will get you so much farther than shooting stuttering looking video in 24p. Unless you plan to print to film, 24p just degrades the motion in your video.