Which Film Stock?


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I know this is kind of up to me but I'm just looking to gain more knowledge about these different stocks.

For my next short film I'm going to be shooting Color Neg 16mm. Its a romance/comedy/drama
I guess you could say its a dark romantic comedy. I want it to have a very dramatic and romantic look. I've got an Arri light kit with a 300, 2 650's, and a 1k. That should be able to expose any Color Neg stock and at different f stops right? I don't want to shoot this wide open.

I've shot with Kodak Vision2 500t before and I was pleased with the look of it. My question is should I spring for the Vision3 500t? Its supposed to be improved with finer grain and more detail in shadow and highlights.

I'm also looking at the other stocks. As far as I understand the 100t is the highest quality film they have which is why I would love to shoot it. I guess I'm wondering why shouldn't I film on this stock? Whats the real difference between these stocks in look besides the grain size. If I can light it fine, I don't see why I shouldn't use it.

Thanks for any input.
For most of those stocks, the only differences are grain/speed, the slower ones are less grainy.

If you need less grain but can't drop to a 200T or 100T stock, I suggest you try the new 7219 500T stock. It would be closer to the grain of the 200T stock.

If you a slightly softer and more pastel look, the Fuji Eterna 250T would be worth trying too. Or if you want a punchier, more saturated look, the Fuji Vivid 160T.

In terms of alternate looks, besides the saturated Fuji Vivid 160T, there are two lower-contrast, more pastel, and grainier stocks: Fuji Eterna 400T and Kodak Expression 500T 7229.

Otherwise, the stocks in a line are usually designed to match in terms of contrast and saturation and just vary by grain & speed.