Where to buy animation supplies in europe


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I'm a beginner animation student (and new to this forum) and I could use some advice on where to purchase animation supplies. Through my studies I've been directed to buy certain supplies, such as a pegbar, through US based web shops. However, as I'm based in Europe (The Netherlands to be precise), I'd probably need to pay relatively high import fees which would significantly add to the cost of these supplies. Could you recommend any EU based webshops? I'd prefer to buy from smaller shops to support local(-ish) sellers rather than multi-million companies.

I'd love to read your suggestions!

Kim Welch

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Welcome to the forums! Do you have access to Amazon in the Netherlands? I think you can get what you need there, right?


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Thank you :)
Yes we do have access to amazon since a short while. However, if possible, I'd rather avoid buying from them as I prefer to support local or smaller businesses.

Maura B.

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Hey Tanuki! I am also from Europe and each time I need to buy something, I first look it up on Facebook as there are many groups dedicated to small businesses. There are also Instagram accounts and even TikTok's. If I cannot find any small business on these platforms (it can happen), I go to Alibaba, Amazon, Wish or Joom. Or even Etsy.
I hope this helps!