What The Crap Am I Doing Wrong?


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This is irritating the hell out of me so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Okay, I am currently producing a film on MiniDV. This is the second project I have shot on this camera but since this is much more complex I am having some issues that were not as annoying last time.

I am running into issues when it comes to the capture from the DV tapes to my computer. Everything looks great on my camera, an inexpensive Sony HC26. The image is clean and clear and the colors are rich and the sound is clean and clear. However, when the image gets to my computer it is blurry and dark and washed out and the sound is noise filled and soft to the point of incomprehension at times.

What am I doing wrong?

My last project I used the USB support for the HC26 when capturing but that was troublesome because it would cause the video and audio to get out of synch. I went back to my capture card for this project because I didn't want that crap image and sound that came with the available software. Using my capture card and AV cables for video capture and my computer's line in (microphone plug) with the same AV cable for audio along with Pinnacle Studio 9 software I am getting everything in synch but the image and sound are crap. This is the same setup I used without issue with my old Hi8 camera so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Perhaps the sound and image were crap with the Hi8 but I just didn't notice because it was analog.

I have access to Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, I capture and edit on PC, but I do not have a firewire cable to use that method. I'm not even sure if my computer and camera have firewire capabilities. I'm really quite lost.

So can someone please help me out here. The film is pretty well shot and the sound isn't half bad but it looks like trash once it gets onto my computer for editing.


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Thanks, I checked my computer over for a firewire port, once I knew what I was looking for, and found one hidden among the USB ports. I bought a cable and now everything looks and sounds great. I had to recapture the entire project but I didn't mind for the better image and sound.