What software and techniques do I need to know to make such video?


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The video I want to make is about a freestyle soccer.
Since there are many soccer tricks that I myself couldn't do it, so I must rely on some special effect.

The idea is that I will do some complex moves in front of the camera without the soccer ball, then I need CGI for 3D modeling a ball (able to spinning, bouncing up and down) and composite the ball into my real live action video. So it will look like that I'm doing those tricks.

The camera would be about 2 meters away from me. I want the ball to be real, and it bouncing naturally that people couldn't it's fake. (Also, since the ball would be bouncing between my legs, so sometimes only part of the ball would be visible to the camera, where view other parts behind my legs are been blocked)

I need to know any recommendation on software, and what kind of tutorials I need to watch to learn them. Also, how difficult it is to make such a video. Are those techniques basic, or advanced ?

Thanks so much