What lighting in this situation?


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I need your advice because I'm struggling, for a few days now, with my lighting setup.

I'm going to record a simple, instructional videos regarding fitness in my home gym (image of simple layout scheme http://imgur.com/a/HGgS2 - grayish walls with white ceiling, windows can be completely shuttered). It won't be anything fancy, but I'd like it to look as professional - at least not amateur - as possible.

It will be recorded on black backdrop with 2 cameras - one in my LG G5 and one sports camera - Yi 4k. I know it's not very high-end equipment, but it's all I have. Camera settings will be - ISO - 400, 60fps if possible, 1440p or 2k resolution. Cameras will be mounted on tripods.

I bought 2 lamps with 27cm reflectors and 36W fluorescent bulbs. I know now it's definitely too weak to keep footage sharp.

The effect I've been thinking I'd like to achieve is something like this:
but with harder lights and one overhead light to accentuate muscle definition. So the end result would be a link between something like this : IMAGE and this: IMAGE

Now - I have no idea if I should buy just stronger bulbs (maybe 2 or 4 on one lamp?) and make something like "barn doors" on them to not brighten the background, invest in some sort of stripboxes or maybe do something else?

Thank you and sorry for my english.