What kind of degree, backgrounds, trainings would I need to


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be a film editor? Sorry, ran out of room in subject line.

if anyone knows of a site that might answer the questions I would apprecite them! I've been to a lot of sites already so I might recognize a few some people might recommend. I just wanted to be clear on what kind of degree (bachelor's, associate's or masters's) is required, a two year or a four year degree, what kind of basics things I should already know before getting to be a film editor, jobs I should have and how to find them in my local area (I live in South Hampton Roads area in Virginia). That kind of thing.


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Basically you need to edit movies. A degree may help you learn to do that or may help you find contacts to get jobs after you graduate, but a good showreel will do more.


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being a good film editor is more then just editing film. It's re-writing someone's story. If you want to become a film editor, I would suggest taking some film aesthetic classes, and montage film studies classes where you'll watch a ba-jillion films and will be forced to write papers on specific aspects. Then with that knowledge collected you'll have a better understanding of how to edit. Then all you'll need is a load of practice.

This is a suggestion if you want to get started on your own. Cutting to music is one of the first things I've learned when I was a kid. I sort of took a Russian montage aspect to the entire thing by getting some songs I liked, and a few cartoons I liked. In this case Dragon ball Z. And I cut the videos of DBZ to the music.

For example. A song by BonJovi and DragonballZ footage edited together. And if you pay attention to how the shot assembly is, you can tell that the images with the music are very powerful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQjd4137JVM

Anyway, just an example of how editing can enhance your film. If you've never editing before, start with making your self some re-edits of stuff you like. You'll learn alot about cutting.

Well GL!

PS. a Cut is way more powerful then a dissolve. Dissolves have become an easy way out. A true editor knows when to do a hard cut!


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well I've done a lot of research last night on this.

Clearly, you can't just jump onto a computer and practice and expect to get a real job. They'll want to look at degree, trainings you took and other education you might've already had. See, I already started college and just need to have two more years so I'm finishing up two more years at a community college and I do believe they only offer associates degrees but not bachelors degree. If I'm not wrong, I think you should have a bachelors to be a film editor and have a four year education though I'm not sure doing a two year at a four year college then another two year at a two year community college would do it or not.

Another thing I'm concerned about is the hours. LOOOOONG hours!! When I learned about the long hours, it was so freaking me out! I wanted to edit, cut, assemble, put in special effects, sounds etc... but I see it's so much more than that. Long hours like that can kill me! I do know you must work overtime especially when you have a deadline but what are deadlines like? Two weeks? A month? Six months? It seemed to me it's a kind of job that don't let you have much of a life, including going home and seeing your family! What other kind of jobs can I take in if I wanted to just edit, assemble, put in sounds etc... without killing myself with too many hours a day?