What is the name of this type of camera shot?



I want a scene to begin with a child and his mother walking up the steps of a museum. Then I want the camera to keep moving from them to the name of the entrance sign, which has the museum's name on it.

What type of camera angle or shot would I call this? I usualy don't include the angle, but I feel that it is necessary in this situation. Thanks.


Personally, I would write this into a shot list...

as far as angles & types of shots go... it's a rather vague situation.

Perhaps if you explained in more detail the way you see the shot... because right at this moment, I'm seeing it from my perspective... which I assume is much different from others...

It could be a dolly tracking shot with a pan and a possible tilting action to the sign.

It could be a crane shot, following the woman in 3 dimensions and then moving onto the sign... perhaps it dosen't even need to pan for the sign...

Perhaps it's a truck move...

Maybe it's a steady-cam... or hand held...

It sounds very intriguing & beautiful... but the way you want the shot to be visualized can only come from you... you'll need to research angles and shots and camera equipment and moves... that way you'll be able to extend your shooting vocabulary...

If you are able to write this in more detail... how you want the shot to be visualized... very detail heavy... then perhaps some of us will be able to help you put the moves into jargon.

For now... good luck & happy writing.


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camera angles in scripts

camera angles in scripts

Why do you feel you need the name of the museum in close-up? Was it named after a main character? Does it bring some plot point to bear? Does it create suspense or mystery? Otherwise, it's not necessary. If it is, you can just notate the sign your "description". Anyone reading/producing the project would make sure to include the information in filming. It's better to avoid using camera angles if at all possible.


"Why do you feel you need the name of the museum in close-up?"

what he said

it's like in the film "rumble fish". In the begining they show an arrow shaped sign pointing in a certain direction. But it's not the sign that is important, it is what's written on it: "the motoercycle boy reigns" (a central character in the plot).