What Could Be Causing Audio Drift When Recording Polarioid Cube Plus Action Cam and using TASCAM?


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Hi there. I was wondering if anyone had encountered issues using a Polaroid Cube Plus action cam? I have been recording a few projects using this small action cam as a secondary camera, but I have noticed when trying to record a longer podcast with it that when I sync in Adobe Premiere Pro and match the camera audio with the TASCAM audio that, although it matches at the start, after a few minutes, usually a minute or so, the audio is out of sync again. I have been cheating by cutting the point where it drifts and rematching. But I was wondering if this is a known issue as it has added on time to what was supposed to be a fast turnaround project. The camera is shooting 4k at 1,920x1,440 pixels. Any suggestions welcome.

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Kim Welch

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I don't really know but I want to say it's the Polaroid Cube Plus possibly just because it's the newer tech. I wonder if the frame rates have something to do with it?


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