What are the best Macro Lens?

Olivia Perez

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Hello lovely community of photographers! I am fascinated about Macro Photography and I would love to take close-up shots of bees and butterflies while they are doing their flower-jobs! What lens would you recommend me? Or, better said, what lens are the best to do the job in your opinion?


Hello lovely Miss Perez,

Macro photography isn't always about the quickness of taking the shots and mostly is not comfortable. I think that if you want to start doing macro shots you need to see what lenses you already own which would allow you to get closer to the subject without ruining the picture, scene or, in your case without scaring it.

For bees and butterflies I think you'll do great with a zoom lens and if that lens has also macro option you're in business. But if you want to advance a little bit more into this, another important thing to consider would be light and how can you have it into your shots if you want to shoot let's say above f5...

I'm looking forward to your progress and some lovely shots.

Best regards,


Olivia Perez

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Thank you for your insights! I will create lovely macros and will be more than happy to share the result with you! I am still researching and I will definitely look into those adaptors that @nialmedia mentioned, $50 is extremely affordable. I will look into the zoom lenses that @AMVGraphy mentioned as well, never thought to try it!


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The best low-priced macro lens are the adaptors mentioned by Nialmedia above but if you want to go for the real deal, you need the expensive ones. I saw the difference on one of my classmates who has them. You also need a good camera for them, it's kinda hard to do macro photography of high quality with a low budget camera