We're In. You're How.


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To begin, I want to welcome you to In-How Talent Source with a big shout of encouragement.

In-How is now accepting new applicants of Musical Performers and Acting Models for exposure and work requests.

Casting Directors: you're welcome to access and book multiple Talents through our source, all under the same agreement, which saves tons of time. Why sign separate agreements and addressing the same concerns per each Actor you consign, when you can make an agreement with us and we'll take care of each Actor and their agreeing to your contract?

You probably find yourself wondering when that time is going to come, that time when you can finally say you've broken through and the amount of reward equals the amount of time and effort you put in.

We're here to help.

In-How Talent Source lets you gain any type of additional non-exclusive representation from managers and agents, while listing you, personally, as a leveraged Acting Talent, so when In-How's colleagues pop a script into Produe, you're listed and easy to find, work with, and here's two of the spiciest and most fulfilling parts:

1) your payroll is fully protected by our undefeated Entertainment Attorneys at no cost to you.
2) casting is a dream because all In-How Talent abide with the same terms--that which the CD and accounting carry a torch for, because it cuts their time down, being able to make one agreement for as many talents as they assign and contract through In-How, in one selection, rather than one agreement separate and individually per each talent.


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