We're Featuring Students Journeys into Filmmaking | And We want to Promote You and Your Work

Rowen Henderson

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We're looking to feature the great work going on by student filmmakers on our social media as well as sharing their journey into filmmaking for aspiring filmmakers to see. The project has just started so we would highly appreciate any responses, you can email us at theunseenscreen@gmail.com or DM us your entry through our social media.

~Am I eligible?~
You don't necessarily need to be a student filmmaker or be going to a film school to be promoted, we're looking for any filmmakers who are still in the early stages of learning the craft! So don't hesitate to send in your stuff. We want to highlight the amazing work going on by those unseen.

Don't delay, send in your...
😁 Photo of yourself (A headshot or a casual photo, could even be of you creating or on film shoot)
🎥 Some work (This can be some screenshots from a project, a showreel, a trailer, anything you want to show off!)
❓Answers to the questions: Your background? What inspires you? The journey so far... Hopes for the future...

Rowen Henderson

New member
You showcase them on your Instagram?
Yeah! As well as our other social media. We thought it'd be a fun way to show the different paths into filmmaking :) We got the idea from biteback2030's Instagram account who do posts to showcase different Youth Activists and other accounts who post stories of other filmmakers and thought it'd be a good opportunity to show what student filmmakers are up to.