Webinar - The Actors Fund housing for performing arts professionals

Added to Calendar: 06-10-20


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Join us today, June 10, from 5 to 7 PM for an informative webinar on obtaining and retaining an affordable residence in New York City.

Applying for Affordable Housing (NYC) co-presented with Brooklyn Arts Counc...

Brooklyn Arts Council is pleased to partner with The Actors Fund to present this affordable housing webinar that helps participants get organized so they can be prepared to take advantage of opportunities to apply.

The webinar will provide current updates on the eviction moratorium and other housing policies during COVID.

The affordable housing process is explained in simple steps and helps applicants avoid common mistakes. Information regarding income eligibility and documentation is discussed to address the specific needs of arts workers. In addition to information about city-wide affordable housing, information is also provided about The Actors Fund housing for performing arts professionals. The following questions will be addressed:
• How do you find and apply for affordable housing?
• What are the eligibility requirements? (Income, household size, credit, housing history, etc.)
• How does a housing lottery work?
• Can you get on a waiting list?
• How do you document your income if it fluctuates year to year?
• How can you best prepare yourself for an interview?
• What are your options if you are denied?