Watch my new short film THE FACE 2 please

Kim Welch

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passion and energy - entertainment

passion and energy - entertainment

I think you have passion and you have energy and from what i can tell you put a lot of time into this and for your age. it looks like you and your friends had fun doing it too. And for your age it is good. You have many many things to improve on. Learning is what this website and the magazine we print is about. do you read it? are you in film school?

Can you tell me somethings you could do better? I think you need to get better actors for your work. Some are better than others. I know it is not easy to do but get people that are serious about acting. And, some editing for best dramatic impact. Some parts of the music was well matched to the visuals. Did you do that?


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thanks for the critique, to answer your questions, i dont read the magazine becoz i live in aus and they dont sell it here, wish they did. Im not in film school im currently in year 12 of high school. I didnt make the music myself,, its not orginial but i did the music syncing and editing, i cut bits up of the songs so that they matched the visuals, thanks allot for the critques. do u make films, if so what ur u tube or somethng?