Wanting to buy a Mic for my JVC GR-HD1


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I'm looking into buying a Mic for the GR-HD1. I am an amateur filmmaker, but I am not too knowledgeable about audio. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to what mic would be good and compatible with the GR-HD1. I do not want a mic that must be mounted to the camera- I need it to be able to extend away from the camcorder so I can be away from the action, yet still be able to get the mic close to it to hear what's going on. QUestions that I have are ; will the mic need an external powersource? how does that work, or does the mic use the camera's powersource? Thanks for any help. - Also, if anyone knows what size the mic jack is that would be helpful. I've looked in the manual to find what size it is, but I can't find anything. One more thing- would using a DAT machine /mic be a better combo in terms of easiness to use and quality of sound- rather than trying to find a Mic for that camera?


To answer your question in the easiest & fastest possible manner...

Using a FIELD MIXER with a microphone or multiple microphones will give you the best quality... from there you can go into a DAT machine or straight into the camera... or if you have the money... BOTH.

As for microphones...
if you have crew & money... get yourself a boom microphone set-up... boom pole, shock mount, etc.
A sony or shur shotgun microphone can make for an excellent boom.

Also... sony & shur wireless microphones make for wonderful microphones for capturing dialogue... they are generally easy to hide on actors & talent... and provide great audio quality.
I know Shur makes great dual wireless packages... a single reciever that accesses two microphones on separate channels... and I'm sure Sony also offers this.

As for specific mic's... I can tell you an SM-58 is great for bands & performers... they've got nice bass & mid tones without a tin sound... 57's are also great, but have less low end and more high end... works well for high-range instruments, but vocals will come out sounding tin-ish.
SHUR lav's (hard line & wireless) are great for talent & actors... be careful to hide the base & lines inside clothing.
Shur shotgun's are great at booming... very directional... but they will pick up nearby noise... or louder things like traffic, airplanes and sirens...

Hopefully some audio guru's will log in & help you out with more suggestions.

Good luck & watch the gain!