WANTED: (Independant Films Long or Short)

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VineHill Entertainment

Film Distribution

VineHill Entertainment Inc. is one of Canada's leading film and television distribution agencies for film and television products to the North American marketplace.

We would like to invite you to our online film submissions page, where you can take advantage of our professional film agents to sell your film or video to national and international distribution houses as well as national or international television broadcast.

We specifically handle all submissions for product destined for the mainstream Canadian and U.S. territories. Qualifying foreign products will be forwarded to our partners should you seek European or Asian markets for your film.

Look on our website navigation tabs and click on the Film Submission link to submit your film or video to us for review. Upon successful review, we'll offer you your choice of the top distributors in the US and Canada for your film product.

Currently our top Canadian distributors include Alliance Atlantis, MALOfilm, NORSTAR and Astral Communications Inc. as well as SONY Pictures Distribution, Warner Home and Universal, in the U.S. so we can certainly get your film product seen.

We are currently actively specifically seeking independent films long or short, documentaries, television series or pilots as well as MOW's to agent for you the client to get them sold and distributed to audiences in the North American territories.

If interested, please email your synopsis to the link below along with your contact information. You will be contacted promptly and we will make arrangements to review your submission.

Email Submission to VineHill Entertainment Inc.

Alternately, you can make a direct submission on our website.