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I'm thinking about starting a vodcast (or at least have one running by the time I start filming my feature film!!! yay!!!)

I'm wondering if anyone has already done a vodcast and what are your opinions/problems/etc. about it?

Happy filming and Merry Christmas!!! :D


I had a podcast and a vidcast (I prefer to call them vidcasts...."vodcast" to me is a misnomer), and I'm planning a new one.

Vidcasting is a great way to present your topic visually. However, it's a lot harder to produce than a podcast. If your topic is visually oriented, great! A behind the scenes documentary works great as a vidcast (Director Kevin Smith did one for his film Clerks II, and it was very good).

Because I'm visually oriented, I actually prefer vidcast production to podcast production. Of course, it all depends on what I'm talking about, so I do both. Producing for vidcasts is much more involved (well, if you want to make it GOOD). Some problems I've found with vidcasts are:

- poor planning
- poor visuals
- talking heads
- uninteresting topics, or topics that don't lend themselves to visuals
- people taping themselves podcasting
- no graphics, or poorly designed graphics
- bad camera work
- bad lighting

Basically, if the principles of good television, film, and video production are forgotten or ignored, your vidcast will suck. The better the production values, the better your show will be. Remember, you are producing a show.