Visiting With Roy H. Wagner, ASC on Saturday!

Kim Welch

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I had a very wonderful day with Roy H. Wagner, ASC here in NYC on Saturday. He called me Friday evening and said he was here in NYC and to call him tomorrow and he would talk to me then about what was going on. It turns out he is shooting the new soon to be on TV “kidnapped” series.

We had breakfast and went looking around at Chelsea and then visited the Metro Art Museum and looked at old photographs and at the Vermeer’s and Rembrandts and many great works there. He talked about lighting while at the museum. I wish I had a tape recorder with me but I didn’t. He talked about business and getting started and how he became addicted to filmmaking when working on the “around the world in 80 days” movie. He talked about his days at Bob Jones University where he was a bit of a rebel. This was around the same time Bertrand Russell was put in jail for writing about “free love.” So it didn’t take much to get in trouble in those days. He talked about being an artist and how important it is to know that filmmaking is a collaborative process. You need to work with people, bounce ideas of each other and get the feedback.

He talked about politics and he talked about how he would listen when he was riding with Jean Kelly for a few months in the day. He talked briefly about his mentors, work and work ethics and how politics and human nature are at play in productions and how important it is to understand these things. He talked about how egos can hurt any project and how moving forward and leaving the past is important for him.

I have seen Roy work. He works hard and is demanding but wow it is great. It is awesome to watch him and his crews work because he is so damn fast. It is something like a Green Beret incursion or something to see his guys bust a move on a set after the last take and go in, knock out walls, set up lights and cameras, pull focus in minutes and announce out just under the disciple level that would define a yell, “Camera Ready~!”

He talked about the important of staying on BUDGET and keeping the bottom line in check by staying on schedule and at the same time creating a piece of art. These are things that Roy is amazing at being that he has shot over 40 films working on filmmaking all his life and loves what he does.

I am going to try and get some shots of them working on "kidnapped" if I can. We might be doing a workshop with Roy here in NYC in September if we can make it happen. Don’t miss it.