Video Sweepstakes offers Prize Package & Coffee!


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Hey There!
My name is Sarah Ross, my background is in marketing but I have an interest in film. Right now, I am helping to promote the Livin' Digi Video Sweepstakes (Just noticed they were already here to post a thread)

But, it may be of interest to a few of you. The object of the sweepstakes is simply to show how you use technology and live digitally as a college student. Here's an example of a really simple one created:

It's a pretty easy concept but, could be made into something pretty cool. They are offering a chance to win a great prize package (including a netbook.) And if you upload before Nov. 13th, your morning coffee is on them! Basically, in addition to your chance at winning the sweepstakes grand prize they are sending a free Starbucks gift card to the first THREE videos submitted before this Friday, Nov. 13th.

Just thought I would let this group know. So glad to be here.