Video Makers and March Madness Fans Wanted for Buick-NCAA Campaign


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Are you a fan of NCAA basketball or of video-making? Buick has partnered with the NCAA to promote March Madness with their “Human Highlight Reel” campaign. They’re looking for videos telling the story of a former NCAA athlete (of any sport). If you have a knack for producing documentaries or short videos, this is perfect for you!

This is a great opportunity for anyone who’s looking to get their name out there, build their resume/portfolio, want to interact with former NCAA athletes, or make some extra money (maybe to support their own films or projects?). It’s a two-part $20,000 competition with a $5,000 Early Entry Prize (contest ends 4/22/11)! So hurry if you want to qualify for the $5,000 bonus!

Details via the link below. To submit a video, you have to be a member of Zooppa.

Btw~Zooppa members have been awarded more than $1 million worldwide to date for their work.