Versatile Composer - Will work for Free

Daryl Banner

New member
My name is Daryl Banner and I'm a composer and writer with a huge range of interests!

I have written many, many tunes for video games and short films. I specialize in moody doom & gloom style, but have composed and written for almost any genre or feel under the sun--from string and piano to rock and jazz, to atmospheric, to minimalistic, to industrial beats and factory noise, to horrorshow. I am fairly experimental and gutsy in my form and execution, and I think that gives me a unique sound that you definitely won't find anywhere else.

Pay is negotiable. I'm even willing to work for free.

I'll work together with you to make your project sing amongst the others.

Here's a link to my Myspace music page, which has loads of samples of my music, from the far past to the present:

Contact me, and let's make it happen.