V1 or V1U, scam or no scam? import or USA?


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Hi all, I was planning to order my new HVR-V1 or V1U camera today and ran into a problem. I guess I am just uneducated to some of the tricks these online retailers have. I found the HVR-V1U packaged with several nice accessories at a low cost of about 2700.00. I thought this is it. But, when I called the company they told me that to get the USA model It would be about 4200.00 for just the camera. I told them that I was confused and please explain the difference. They went on to tell me that the import model (V1U) had an overseas warranty, comes with no software or firmware, and this would be an additional 2000.00? Say what? Now I am completely confused. I just want to by this camera for the best price, and it work out of the box. I realize I will have to purchase some good editing software for my PC, but someone please tell me Where to get my camera for the best price, and it work without a hassle. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated right now. Thank you! J


A good tip when buying a camera: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

When you see a price that's super low like that, it means the camera is a grey market camera imported from another country. The store bought it from some dealer and got it really cheap. As you've found out, you don't get anything with it, and you certainly won't get a USA warranty or any support from the manufacturer. When it comes to cameras, you get what you pay for. I know everyone says "Digital video is SOOOO much cheaper than film," but you have to remember, you're still going to have to shell out some money to do it.

There are many reputable stores from which to buy, especially in New York City and L.A.