under exposed material needs correction


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I have at least 3 stops under exposed material now which i need to screen. Which steps should I follow to correct it in best way? Its really urgent. Please help. Thank you.


Unforutunately, as far as I know all final cut has for correcting this is birghtness and contrast adjustments. COntrast mainly adjsuts the whites, and brightness the blacks, so keep that in mind when you make your corrections (and someone correct me if I ahve those reveresed). I've found them a lot more useful for correcting overexposed stuff moreso than underexposed. If you wnat to get an idea of what it looks like, go here: http://www.myspace.com/planetmercury
Look at "The Hit", in the second scene. A lot of stuff shot in the family room I tried to fix with the brightnes and contrast controls, but as you can see, the blacks are't quite that black, and it still looks bad. You should have better results, unless of course you shot on reversal film like i did (I don't recommend under exposing and pushing reversal, for the record).


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Yes thank you. I also realised today that gamma correction is also really useful. It gives different results then changing contrast. And also if anyone knows any plug-ins or something like that about such situations ease write.


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there would be no such thing to do what you want.

You wouldn't be able to fix the under exposed material by 3 stops because if the information is not there, you'll be loosing image quality.... A LOT

You'd have to re-transfer your negative at the proper correction, and if it was shot digitally, well then you're screwed...

besides that, post production programs like Shake might help better then FCP.



Actually, use the 3-Way Color Corrector. All you'll do to start is set your blacks, set your white balance (if needed), then notch up the mids little by little. Don't touch the brightness/contrast filter at all!