U.S. Transportation Video Contest- Win an iPad!


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The American Road and Transportation Builders Association, a non-profit trade association located in Washington, DC has just announced this film contest for students to examine any aspect of the transportation system in the United States. The prize for the top two entries is an Apple iPad.

Entrants should create an original two (2) to four (4) minute video examining any aspect of transportation in the United States. Some suggested topics include:
• U.S. Transportation Infrastructure 101
• How infrastructure is built and paid for
• What are the costs and financing needs of transportation infrastructure
• What are the impacts of congestion and changing travel demands
• What are the "man on the street" impressions of the industry versus reality
• Recent transportation and urban design/development patterns

The top two student videos, as selected by ARTBA, will be awarded an Apple iPad. The winners, along with other submitted videos, may be shown at the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) TransOvation 2011 Workshop September 7-9 in Leesburg, Virginia and the association's National Convention, October 2-5 in Monterey, California. Entrants may work in teams, but only ONE prize is awarded per video. Submitted videos may also be featured on the ARTBA website, screened on YouTube, and/or other promotional venues.

The full details can be found at: http://www.artba.org/film-contest/


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