Two-Day HDSLR Video Production Workflow with Patrick Reis


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<a href="" target="_blank"><strong><img src="" alt="Patrick Reis" width="125" align="right" border="0" height="125" hspace="2">Two-Day HDSLR Video Production Workflow with Patrick Reis. </strong></a><strong><br>
</strong><em>Includes Day 2: HDSLR Camera Movement Strategies</em><br>
You'll receive a full range of powerful HDSLR filmmaking concepts and tools that can benefit any HDSLR production, <strong>whether you're shooting a documentary or narrative, television spot or music video</strong>. <em>Day 2 will have a special focus on Camera Movement. </em>Moving cameras add drama and production value that can bring your video to the next level. With the small size of the DSLR, once expensive and time-consuming methods are within your reach but what are the limitations and how do you plan for a moving camera shot? See how a slider can create the look of a dolly in half the time. We'll even show you how to do a 360º panoramic shot with a motorized pan/tilt head. Get your camera moving with these techniques.<br>
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