tripod&mic advice



I'll be graduating this spring, and I'd like to pick up a nice tripod and mic kit to go with my GL2 so I have the ability to really shoot a lot more any time I want (a light kit would be nice too eh?). I'm looking into Sachtler tripods (namely their lower-end ones with fluid head and a couple presets for pan-speed and a self-correcting tilt) and an ME66 kit since they are the old reliable and prob most available used mic around I'm guessing. My question is, is there another direction I should go? I'm going to check on ebay and the big places like B&H photo, but are there some good places to check out that have good prices/classifieds going on? I'm hoping some more experienced cats could help me out with that... I'm looking to spend about 300 max on the tripod and the same for the mic set (the whole deal - boom, mount, phantom, a couple long XLR cables). Any ideas? Thanks in advance...