Trailer for 'Sailing With Aquaphobia' !


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Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, Actor, and Co-Cinematographer: M. Patrick Heywood.

Camera: Canon 60D
Lenses: Canon 50mm 1.8, Canon 24mm 2.8
Audio: Rode Videomic and H4n Zoom
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5
Tripod/Other Equipment: Manfrotto 701HDV; Cowboy Shoulder Mount; Lensfinder

The debut film of Morning After Pictures tells the story of a twenty year-old guy, Liam Maguire, who's recently realized he's done absolutely nothing with his life. After reading a book by Hal Roth, he becomes inspired and decides that he is going to sail around the world. There's just one problem: Liam has Aquaphobia (the fear of water).

A comedy about the things we do for ourselves and those around us and what happens when we break out of our shells.

A full length trailer will be released sometime in October. The full short film 'Sailing With Aquaphobia' will be released in the winter.

Any comments would be much appreciated. Enjoy!


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In all honesty this was great. Beautiful shot and a great concept too. If you can manage to make an emotional, humorous final product, it'll be great.
My only suggestion, well more if a warning, is don't go for too many jokes about his fear of water. They'll get tiresome fast. Like Family Guy; really funny at first but it'll stop being funny if it's dragged on. But I feel like you have a plan and it'll have more serious themes than that, and I wish you the best of luck.


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Thank you for checking it out and giving me some feedback! That's the goal: humerous and emotional at the same time. Because my whole thought behind it was on the outside, it really is a funny idea.. a guy with a phobia of water trying to figure out a way to sail around the world. But at the same time it's more relatable than it seems at first glace. We all have these things inside us that hold us back from doing things we really want to; self-set boundaries. It's about these things we are able to do for ourselves when we are determined enough. That's why I really loved the idea and decided to write a script about it.

And I totally agree with your warning. Actually, it's something I dealt with when writing the script. Because it is such a funny idea... I had all these things that he has to deal with every day: Laundry, washing up, shaving, brushing teeth, rain, etc... but I had to pick and choose my spots to make the idea hilarious yet not overkill. So I hope I ended up doing a good job with the final product!

I can't wait for everyone to see it. But again, thank you for watching and the feedback.