Trailer for new Comedy Film "Unemployment"... what do you think?



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Fight for Your Right to Be Unemployed.

John (John Seyon) and Leon (Leon Jameson), 2 down on their luck guys, are losing their way of life fast. With no more unemployment money coming in, how will they live life without getting a job? This is the story of 2 men's quest to live their dream... to never work again. Hilarity and unexpected turns fill this quest. Will they overcome and succeed in their mission? Will they lose it all, or worse... get jobs?

Written and Directed by Steve Belcher and Bill Rollins.

John - John Seyon
Leon - Leon Jameson
Paul - Paul Hornillo

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Pot Head Movie

Pot Head Movie

I just don't like the Pot Head Movies. I have to say i don't like it. No substance other than controled substances.