Tom Lazarus

Tyler Emerson

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If anybody wants to read a great book on screenwriting, I would highly suggest Tom Lazarus' Secrets of Film Writing. He wrote Stigmata. I love his book and his style, and it is just a fun read. It's probably the most dog-eared, highlighted, sticky-noted book I have in my library. It's so cool!


Tom Lazarus? I knew a Tom Lazarus

Tom Lazarus? I knew a Tom Lazarus

I met a young writer several years back (18 maybe 20 years ago) named Tom Lazarus in Long Beach, Ca. A film crew was being put together thru an ad placed in the Orange County Register. A lot of people showed up including this writer Tom Lazarus. I don't know if a film was actually made, i didn't stick around long enough to find out. I can't say that it's the same Tom Larazus you speak of but the one i met impressed as an educated professional.


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I was wondering who'd recommended that book to me :). To be honest, it felt a bit thin when I finally read it a few months ago, but the 'secrets' he listed were an interesting read.