Timecode breaks


New member
I am using a Canon XL1s MiniDV camcorder to try to capture multiple series of around hour long lectures. I have had great success working with FCE2.0.3. However, after reviewing one of the tapes, then trying to capture it, I get Timecode errors at every place I stopped to watch a few minutes, then start up again.

So far all I've been able to find out is that this is a known problem with FCE2, but have not been able to find any solutions to it.

If anyone knows a way around this, that'd be great.


Jody Michelle Solis

I only use fc5, so I'm not sure how the capture process works for your version. But there is an option when doing a log and capture to capture now. This starts the camera playing and fc recording...

When you say 'I stopped to watch a few minutes, then start up again.' Do you mean when it was being filmed. Not a good idea when recording especially live events it damages the time-code. This has a problem of not giving fc enough preview/run-in time when capturing.

Not sure if any of this helps! :roll: