Time lapse whilst panning


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I've seen those time lapse panning shots before in some documentary style programs. Never wondered how they did it. If I had to do it I'd probably shoot a stillstanding timelapse in very high definition and then zoom in and pan the image in post. Certainly would be the best controlled way.

But, from time to time, even the most salted among us learn something brand new and get inspired. For me it was because I just discovered the camalapse gadget.

I was like "oh yeah. That's a good way to do it. Why didn't I think of that?"

Will I buy a camalapse? Maybe if I run into it and it's cheap. But actually I'm more inspired now to use Prestik or sticky tape and an egg timer for now. Only because I already have these. Why buy new things when you can use the old, I always say. Filmmaking is about innovation! Sorta.

Well, now I know how to accomplish these shots. Time lapse hurrah!