This kickstarter campaign has a reward of an mtg with a Hollywood literary agent


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Just an FYI for any folks here you may be interested. We are raising money for a short concept film called AN INSIDE JOB through and through that campaign, there is an opportunity some young screenwriters may want to take advantage of. But we are in the final hours of the campaign, so folks would have to act fast. It ends Sept 10 at 9:11pm.

An Inside Job Kickstarter Campaign Page

There is a video at the above page that will better explain, but in a nutshell,
the intent is to make this short "concept" film and show it to the studios to eventually make a feature based on an expanded script of the same story. There are various pledge levels with some pretty cool awards for people who pledge financial support for this short film. One of the awards we have is a dinner meeting with the literary agent of the writer/director of our film. He has agreed to have 3 spots for dinner meetings for anyone who pledges at the $999 level. (i.e., you would have the undivided attention at a dinner meeting with a literary agent from The Gotham Group in Hollywood, CA. Travel expenses not included).

For any budding screenwriters who are looking to get the attention of a respected literary agent and perhaps even get the chance to "get on their radar" through a nice dinner meeting where every topic of conversation is open for discussion...this may be a good opportunity. An investment in your future. And also know that your pledge would also help support an amazing project with some talented filmmakers. And making new filmmaker connections in the biz is always a good thing.