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Hello, Filmmakers,

Sorry for the rather pretentious headline, but there are a million "experienced film composers" on this forum. So if you are reading this, I managed to catch your attention :D

I am a mature, experienced composer and songwriter with a well-equipped studio. I have a BA in Music Composition and also worked as a recording engineer and producer. I compose and record quickly and I am used to working to tight deadlines.

I am looking for a few new projects to score. Quality student and low budget films are welcome. But talk is cheap, I will let my music speak for itself.

Here are a few recent works:

Italian Cafe
An English Garden
The Sailor's Dream
The Dawn
The Long Road Home
The Call to War
The Refugees
Dance of the Elves
Song of the Moon / March of the Noldor
The Resolution Credits
The Resolution Rock
The Resolution Finale
The Kiss
A Lost Love

The Back of My Heart
Until the Night is Gone
They Are Watching You
Reggae Electronica
Twenty Years Ago Today (A Tribute to John Leonnon)
Featuring the incredible vocals of the late great Billy Cowsill from the Cowsill Family.

Terms: I get prominent credits, future consideration and a copy of the film which I may use for promotional purposes. You get a single-use license to use my music in your film (which allows you to promote, distribute and broadcast your film freely). For films with commercial potential, I am also willing to consider an option for you to purchase the publishing (ownership) of the music for an agreed price at a future date. This is a win / win for everyone. You get great original music for your film without breaking your budget and I get to build my credits and demo reel without giving away the farm!

For more information please contact me by PM, Email or at one of the websites below. Thanks for your consideration.

Leon Portelance aka, The Katz
composer / songwriter
Songbird Productions / Kaatza Music
Leon & The Mad

Toll Free: 1-800-699-2370 (US only) or (209) 532-1577