The Trailer Film Festival - Now Accepting Submissions!

My name is Sierra, I am the Film Liaison for The Trailer Film Festival. The Trailer Festival is a unique event where only trailers are screened and the audience is exclusively film industry. Netflix, Amazon, Sony and Paramount have already agreed to join us in May 2020. Trailers for both completed projects and scripts are eligible. They can be for films, scripted and unscripted TV shows, books, web series or games. Trailers will be online for the industry to view for a month after the festival. This festival is a short cut for filmmakers to get their work seen by Hollywood.

Please visit our website for more information.

Sierra Detar
Film Liaison


New member
Do the filmmakers that make and submit the trailers ever inquire about music composers? I would love to compose music and do sound design for a trailer(s) appearing in your film festival...