The only film festival that guarantees the winners their first feature film with funding: StudioFest


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StudioFest is a film and screenplay festival that promises the winning writer and winning director the opportunity to make their debut feature film, backed and produced by the festival, with $50,000 in funding plus additional value through sponsorships. The year 1 winners’ finished film recently secured distribution, and the year 2 winners’ film is currently in pre-production.

The third annual festival will take place in Austin, Texas and, as always, submissions are open to both domestic and international writers and directors.

Regular deadline is July 8th and late deadline is August 3rd. Ten finalists will be provided with free room and board and stipends up to $300 are available as needed to help finalists with travel.

To submit your short film or feature-length screenplay, visit or For detailed info, check out the rules and FAQs page.

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Welcome to the forums, StuioFest and thank you for posting! The contest sounds great! Good luck to all participants!

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Welcome to the forums! Keep us updated! We want to know how this year's winners are for possible articles and features in the magazine.