The Martini Shot - Digital Revolution Workshop Reviewed



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The Newest episode of The Martini Shot is available!

On tonight's episode, I do a recap of the Roy H. Wagner, ASC Digital Revolution Workshop, which was held over the weekend in NYC. It was an amazing experience, and I blabber on about it for about an hour. The cinematography workshop, which was sponsored by Student, focused on using High Definition as a different and exciting palette for filmmaking. We were able to use HD cameras including the Sony CineAlta and the Thomson/Grass Valley Viper, and spent the day discussing cinematography in today's world with reknowned DP Roy Wagner. I recap the day's events, my thoughts and his thoughts, and some of the companies who helped bring this day together. Hear about Roy's generosity, his talent, and his thoughs on filmmaking collaboration, previsualization, instinctual lighting, artistry, and politics.

I can't say enough good stuff about this workshop. Oh, and if you want to see a picture of me at the workshop, check this slideshow out: .
I'm the guy wearing the basball cap and green & blue shirt, sitting next to the pretty redhead, both of us staring stupidly ahead.

Now of course, I did forget to follow up on something I mention early in the podcast. In Episode 5 I interviewed Evan Nix, a filmmaker from Las Vegas, NV, and owner of Boom Dog Shivers Productions. Evan is running the Photograph Project, a project in which I am partaking. Evan has asked me to be a part of Boom Dog Shivers, which is a company that embraces and promotes the collaborative effort of filmmaking. To quote from the mission statement, "We are simply an assembly of artists saying what we have to say, take it or leave it. Sometimes we work together, sometimes we work alone. But we are all here to help each other as artists." You'll be able to see my bio there soon. Well, as soon as I write one.

Hope you enjoy,