The Journey Man - Sci-Fi short


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Hi all, I've literally just found this place.

I've made a short film called The Journey Man which is actually now complete and i'm gonna try and get it screened at a few places so won't be posting the full film on Youtube yet. It runs for 7 minutes 20 seconds.

There are 3 trailers. - this was the first teaser trailer, meant as an effects test really. Made 2 months before any footage was shot (the footage was taken from one of my other films, but it's kind of appropriate). Music taken from The Thin Red Line. - First proper trailer. Music taken from Last Samurai trailer. - Final trailer - uses some effects shots and actual footage not seen in the final film. Music from The Island.

I should note, the actual film has original music (composed by me :lol: ) and the trailers are just meant for fun and I'm fully aware of copyright laws and I don't think anyone is gonna bother here, I'm not making any money out of this.

To finish this off, here are some pictures:







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Haha, yes, I heard of this site from Empire Online :D

But it seems a cool place to chill and show work and watch other peoples films. Never a bad thing :)