The Job Interview

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[FONT=verdana,arial][SIZE=-1]When going for a job interview, don't be clowning around.

Such is the idea for this movie I made many, many, many years ago.

********THE JOB INTERVIEW starring Chucky The Clown**********

Behind the scenes making of information:

'twas a weird time in my life when I made this here animation. Not only was my personal life something out of a crazy teen movie, but for some reason I was also addicted to creating rather badly, quickly drawn animations, of which this here film is testimony.

And then, ........ well I don't remember much else.

Technical specs for nerds:

What software was used? We have to know!!! It's ever so important.

Well not really. But it's Astound Animator.

Wasn't all that good. As you can see, it didn't smoothen out the lines such as today's animation software does. It didn't have different thickness of the drawing line either, such as the "brushes" in today's animation software.

However, Astound Animator was very, very, very easy to work with. Much easier than today's animation software.

You could draw your character sequence frames and then click on the background with the mouse where you want each frame placed. I have never seen that in modern animation packages. Which is a shame, because it really simplifies everything and is very, very fast.

What was the inspiration for the story?

Dunno. It made no sense. I had nothing to do with clowns, and I was never planning on going to job interviews, neither would I run a company. It's all pretentious wheewhah.

What is my favorite part?

I think the ship pulling up the shark and then smashing it through the window and then it eats the table. That part sticks in my head and gets my adrenalin flowing.

Who is the inspiration for the main character, Chucky The Clown?

Hans Wors. Hans Wors the clown and jack of all trades. You can see him everywhere in Slobbies.

He has no hands or feet.

Yeah. He's got bells or something at the ends of his limbs. It saved me some drawing time this way.

Did I do any research for this movie?

Yes. I researched books on job interviewing. Hence the tips at the end to make it educational.

Where can I see this film again?

Here. Right here. Go watch it. Laugh. Cry. Eat. Sleep. Watch it again. [/SIZE][/FONT]