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Hi Earnest Saint Laurent,

First, welcome to the forums and thanks for posting! This is an adult thing and it's not serious. Look like it is fun making. I don't want to be critical or negative but it's not my kind of thing. It's definiatly something and it might have an audience. It could have a kind of cult value in the long run but I don't know that it would be a main stream kind of thing with a huge viewing but that is not everything. Where did you get the idea and what do you shoot and edit with?
Hello Kim !
Thanks for your message !
First i must say that i'm french, so i have some difficulties to understand what you mean when you' r talking about adult stuff, and not serious,
if i get it right ( correct me if i'm wrong :)) you are saying that the little "movie" that i post is not serious and only for fun ?
If it's what you are thinking , i can understand you , because this is a really low-fi / diy project, but i do it very seriously ,
and the best that i can , even if i know that i'v got a lot to learn :)
I'm a music composer, and with this project i want to explore the correlation between image & music , in a humoristic and psychedelic way,
and creating a kind of dark and funny universe .
To answer to your other questions,i did not create the characters ,i'm shooting with a Sony rx100 mk2 and doing the editing part on FCPX.
If you want to learn more about me , you can go there and see what i'm doing in the music ,

Thank's again for the feedback !
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