'The High and Mighty' FEATURE FILM - Full Trailer

The High and Mighty First Full Trailer

Film Synopsis - The High and Mighty follows a chain of reactive events in the lives of its two leads--Muscle, a failed NFL athlete turned local drug dealer coping with his life, and Conner, a young man with a good upbringing and criminal ambition--when their paths cross in the Los Angeles streets and fate unravels. Conner believes he has formulated a fool proof plan for a successful drug trafficking route from Los Angeles to Rockford, blissfully unaware of the code of the streets he is inadvertantly violating: loyalty. The supporting cast includes Conner's ex girlfriend Sonia, his father Texas, his friends Alex and Hard Ass, Conner and Muscle's business partner Math, Muscle's recording artist Mime, and his wife. The High and Mighty was filmed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Rockford, IL, Roscoe, IL and Saint Charles, IL inbetween February 10th and March 31st.

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