The director's main responsibility

Kim Welch

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The director's main responsibility -- and prerogative -- is telling the story. This means finding a structure to the script and setting up the events so that they are at once surprising and inevitable. You give the actor direction in order that the actor's actions and interactions illuminate and create those events. The actor has a responsibility -- and prerogative -- to create truthful behavior while following direction and fulfilling the requirements of the script. Actor and director must respect each other's creative territory.

Judith Weston, Directing Actors

Jared Isham

It is one of my favorite. I read it before every movie I direct and the write up a cheat sheet version and put it in a binder with my script so it looks like I took notes on the script as opposed to going to a book with all the answers :).

Great, fantastic book.

Jared Isham

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