the camera as the eye...(an exercise...)


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people, i dont know if anyone has done it before, but i had an exercise in mind...nothing physical! its just that, what range of options do we have when we use the camera as the eye of the person? the actual eye... i mean, no trolleys, no cranes, no zooming in or out....(ur eyes cant zoom!)...when a character is crying, or when he is abt to cry, maybe the camera will outfocus a bit.... when a character is getting a scolding, the camera will tilt down and show something else, maybe his knee on which he is tapping with his finger....if he is bored, he will maybe look at the sky, and then look back the person talking with him....these are just three possibilities of this exercise, and there are many more in my mind... hope to get some inputs from u guys..
Suhrud Gobdole