The Behind the Tree Line Crew


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I don't want to generally make this out to be a "teacher" trying to get a bunch of students to do a project. More like a number of people, who wouldn't mind collaborating on something, and creating something. We all would learn from this experience, but some more then others I guess. I have an idea for something that would be an extremely simple undertaking. The setting is common place, the idea is not too complicated. I will need a short handed crew of people. To create a story I have come up with called: "Behind the Tree Line". The idea follows the path of an avid hiker as he experiences something out of place, and scary with in a forest setting. I will need for the most part a crew of people who are a part of creature shops, or make up, and dress department. As well as an extremely gifted CGI and technical crew. The idea is extremely simple, but it has some trouble spots in it. A good technical crew would help find out how to correct those trouble spots. It kind of follows the same story line as any other film, that you have seen before with in a forest setting. The idea behind it, is that of simplicity. I want to tell a story, and let it resonate with the audience with out going through so much effort to do so. It would be more about suspense or the off place nature of the story. So, I am just looking for a technical crew, that can help me create the imagery, and tell the story as it would be meant to be seen on screen. After that who knows, I might submit it into film festivals or just post it up directly online. I have a plan, I just need to get that plan cross to the proper crew.

I hope this interests a crew soon.
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