The Art of Voice Acting


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The Art of Voice Acting
The Craft and Business of Performing for Voiceover
6th Edition
By James Alburger


Paperback: 9781138391611
498 pages | 31 B/W Illus.
Publisher: Focal Press


The Art of Voice Acting covers all aspects of the craft and business of performing voiceover.

This sixth edition is reorganized and completely updated to include the latest information on how to get started in voiceover, performing techniques, setting up a personal recording space, voiceover demos, the basics of running a voiceover business, working with agents, unions, and much more. Dozens of URL’s are included with additional resources and several chapters include all new scripts written specifically for this edition. Two new chapters include contributions from some of the voiceover world’s top professionals. Additional content can be found on the Voice Acting Academy website at

This is the perfect tool for aspiring voice performers, radio announcers, and stage and screen actors.

Table of Contents

1. The Business of Voice Acting
2. Using Your Instrument
3. Microphone Technique
4. The Monologue
5. Voice Acting 101
6. Developing Your Unique Style
7. Techniques for Developing Style
8. The Seven Core Elements
9. Wood Shedding and Script Analysis
10. The Character in the Copy
11. Single Voice Commercial
12. Multiples and Dialogue
13. Long Form Narration: Corporate & eLearning
14. Audio Books
15. Mastering Character Voices
16. Imaging—Promo—Trailer
17. Other VO Genres
18. Getting Paid to Play
19. Your Voiceover Demo
20. Your Home Studio
21. Home Studio Technology
22. How to Work in the Voiceover Business
23. Managing Your Voiceover Business
24. Establishing Your Voiceover Identity
25. The Talent Agent
26. Auditions
27. You’re Hired! The Session
28. Stop it!
29. The Changing World of Voiceover
30. Wisdom from the Pros

About the Author

James R. Alburger is an award-winning producer, director, performance coach and voice actor. After a 25-year career in recording studios and television (receiving 11 Emmy® Awards), he opened VoiceActing, LLC and The Voice Acting Academy. He teaches workshops on performing voiceover, voices a variety of audio projects and is an expert in personal, professional studio design and audio production for radio, location sound recording and audio post-production for film and video. He also provides coaching for companies of all sizes, using his voice acting techniques to teach business professionals how to be more effective communicators.