THE AG-HVX200 DVC Pro/P2 camcorder...nolonger a myth



this camera also has 1080 @ 60i, 30P, and 24P---
at the time of the original posting, 720P was the only known format for this camera. Apparently the Panasonic family loves to surprise us, and boy do we love it when they do.

The mythical beast that eludes us all...or at least until NAB.
Rumors are circulating that Panasonic's long awaited entry into the Prosumer HD market with the AG-HVX200 could be revealed in working form as early as NAB 05 (about two months away).
It is said to incorporate the exact same codec as the Varicam, which means it's real HD, NOT HDV, and has the option to record to both tape and/or P2 solid state media, yeah the cool but expensive media.
Oh yeah, and of course, 24P...
This cam could prove to be even more breathtaking than their release of the DVX100, which by all means is still a great camera.
This is an interesting development that appears to be gaining more momentum in the DV filmmaking forums across the web, I guess this is just aiding in that effort :D
Anyone care to confirm, speculate, lash out, or just remain silent, feel free, but just remember, I am just a messenger, and the AG-HVX200 is still just a mythical beast, so be gentle :lol: