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There has to be a place where an actor can post their stuff so he or she can get a clique on it. I want to make sure I have a good solid place that I can give worthy advice to those seeking to become better at acting. For those who do nothing more then push down those seeking advice and understanding. I would like to find a place that I can't but agree with those who are there. That is what I think this could be like. What does it take to become an Actor? Well, if you are seeking a political understanding that most have to go through. You really are an Actor as of now if you have played roles before, and have taken classes. It's just that there are so many politics, and campaigning members using seniority to gain leverage. To become a politician in film, is a whole lot different then to become an legitimate Actor. Presently, it is incredibly hard to see anyone getting in. But, if you are just looking to learn about acting, and nothing more then that. Then this should be a place, that would give people seeking that their fair share of understanding. I have found that an Actors life is hard, because we pretend, and when you pretend you have people all trying to make you live through what you were pretending to be. Some it felt so real, as it was drawling from my own life experiences.

Like for example all this:
It was all "pretending:": (Beware Bad language as you enter)

So how can an actor safe guard themselves from drawling the line? Between resembling what they are pretending to be and what they really are. It's not easy, because everyone is trying to force those who create to follow the example that is set by those who use them to navigate their controls. So, we have to be careful not to adopt any more negative understandings with in what we are doing on film. We must be independent from now on. We must not let controllers dictate our lives. That is why this space is needed I think. So, tell me how I can become a better Actor, and I can tell you how to mentally prepare yourselves for what you face having to become one.

I hope this clears the air, but for those who don't want to understand this. This thread might not be the place for you. Best of luck to all that you are doing.
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