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I'm kind of new to this field. I want to know what is the purpose of these charts and how are they use in other words what is the work flow when this charts are incorporated to any shoot. are DSC Labs charts the standard?


Test Pattern Usage

Test Pattern Usage

Hello rgesualdo,

We field these questions all the time - your best bet would be to visit our FAQ page here: http://www.dsclabs.com/faqs.htm.

DSC Labs has become the pattern of choice in the industry - and this is largley based on the engineering and research that goes into our patterns.

I wrote an article called the Science Behind the Camera Test which appeared in this month's issue of Student Filmmakers Magazine. Perhaps you should read that article to get a general understanding of why test patterns are so essential.

As always, please feel free to email your questions or concerns to mkent@dsclabs.com

All the best!
Michael Kent
Operations Manager
DSC Laboratories