T2i? A new filmmakers friend?


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I just wanted to see if anyone has used the Canon T2i and how they feel about it. I'm currently getting involved in film and while my boyfriend owns a $5,000 Panasonic.....I don't have that much to drop on a camera right now.

Everyone suggests I'd get more bang for my buck with the canon since buying a used Panasonic DVC100a/b would just be standard and nowhere near the 1080p the canon films in.

I should also say that I already have a canon whose lens will work with the T2i so I would only have to buy the body...

I'm just curious to see what people have to say about the camera if they've used it and how they truly like it.



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It's a perfect low/no budget film makers camera. For £699 (in the UK) it is a really powerful camera for that price, specially with how good it is in low light and the manual variables you can have with aperture, focus etc.

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can you post some clips

can you post some clips

can you do some low light clips and post them here?


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There the same camera, in the US there called T2i, in Europe there called 550D.

Also, there is a custom made firmware nearly ready for the 550D (Magic Lantern which was originally only on the 5D) which adds some great extras to the camera.

Here's another low light video for 550D/T2i
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