Switching to super 16

Exquisite Corpse

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I've always wanted to shoot on film, but, growing up in the 90s, VHS (and later DV) was basically the only format readily available. I have a decent experience shooting and cutting digital 'film', but never shot a single frame of celluloid.

All of that is going to change soon - I've got a clunky little K-3 (super 16 converted) coming in the mail, and I'm ridiculously excited to do everything all at once.........but, of course, we need to take this bit by bit. I really know nothing about film itself - how to pick the right stock for the right job, where to look for short-ends, whether learning to print at home is worth the effort, etc.

Are there super 16mm filmmakers out there? What's the best resource for single perf stock? Is there a way to get a small selection of different short ends for testing purposes?

Thanks in advance

- Me

Kim Welch

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Hi Exquisite Corpse, Welcome to the forums. I knew a guy that sold short ends in new york city but they are now closed. Hopefully someone will come to your aid here.